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Choosing The Right Yoga Studio Software

Designed for studios

Choosing The Right Yoga Studio Software

Looking for the best Yoga studio software for your business? Here are our carefully curated pro tips!

  • Step 1: Establish a game plan!




    List your reasons for needing a booking system.

    What should the booking system do?

    What things shouldn't it do? E.g. high cost.

  • 2



    Read reviews and ask for recommendations.

    Do a pros and cons software comparision.

    Narrow it down to your top 2 or 3 choices.

  • 3

    Road Test

    Road Test

    Try a demo of your top choices.

    If there's no demo do a free trial.

    Does the software meet your requirements?

Choosing a booking system for your studio is an important decision. We want to help you avoid making the wrong choice.

Ask These 10 Questions

With so many booking systems to choose from, we've curated these questions to help narrow the field.


Do You Run A Home Studio Or Fitness Empire?

A small home Yoga studio will have very different software needs from multi-studio fitness empire. Choose the software which is best suited to your business size.


Does The Software Have Great Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are your friend and will help you see what customers like or dislike about a product or company. Ensure the reviews are recent, authentic and positive!


What Are Your Essential Features?

List the features you right need now to help you create value for your studio and/or help it run more efficiently. Does the software have these?


What Are Your Non-Essential Features?

List the features which you would like to have, but are not essential to the effective management of your studio. Does the software have these?


What Are The Actual Running Costs?

We recommend spending less than 10% of your revenue on booking software. Always check card processing fees, set up fees, SMS fees and others which can add up!


Does The Software Have Great Customer Support?

Great customer support is the cornerstone of a great company. Why not contact their customer support team to see if you get a reply that meets your expectations?


Will You Be Locked Into A Contract?

Running a business means dealing with change. Being locked into a software contract can get costly if your studio lease ends or rent increases. Always check the fine print.


Will Your Clients Be Exposed To Competitors Ads?

Some software companies make a lot of money from selling in-app studio ads. These ads expose your clients to your competitors deals. Are you OK with that?


Is The Software Continually Improving?

As your business grows, you want to know that your booking system can grow with it. Are there new features added regularly? Can you request features?


Is The Software Easy-To-Use?

Software that's easy to use saves you and your clients time. Ask for a free demos or trial as a great way to road test whether a product easy for you to use.

Got a question for us? Our dedicated customer-care team are ready to answer any queries you may have.

Top 10 Essential Features

We think these 10 features should be on every studio's essential requirements list. Are they on yours?


Online Bookings & Payments

Being open for bookings 24/7 means you can increase your revenue while doing less work.

Some booking systems merely accept an online booking request forms, but the best performing systems offer a seamless customer experience from online booking through to payment and management.


Mobile Accessibility (Web Apps)

Being able to manage your studio’s classes, bookings and payments while on the run is essential.

Your clients also expect to manage their bookings on their phones which will help increase your client retention and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to native (app store apps) or web apps, consider that web apps take up less space on devices and can be installed without needing to visit the app store.


Website Integration (Live Schedule)

A booking system which integrates with your website can help increase bookings and reduce inquiries since new clients can easily browse and book classes.

For a professional edge make sure you can match the colour scheme of the booking calendar to your studio branding.

Integrated schedules which also let clients browse and buy packs or bookings, and browse events or workshops are a must have.


Automated Waiting Lists

Busy studios know that when classes reach capacity it can be a time consuming exercise maintaining multiple class waiting lists.

Automated waiting lists are a great way to save yourself time and deliver a premium service to your clients.



Quality reports are vital to help you understand how well your studio is performing from month to month.

Reports to look out for are income or sales reports, activity or class reports and client or member reports.

If you have multiple instructors or teachers then you will also need instructor reports or payroll reports.


Staff Logins

Another feature to consider if you employ multiple teachers is separate staff logins.

Having staff logins means you can keep your sensitive studio data (financials etc) away from harm.


Online Waivers

Running a Yoga studio is great fun when things are going well, but when things don’t you need the right legal documentation in place to protect you.

Ensuring every client who attends classes has signed a waiver is the best way to protect you and your studio from potential harm.

While you can never completely rely on booking software to ensure all waivers are signed, they can help make it easier to collect them.


Online Payment Processing

Fast becoming the industry standard, online payment processing offers the highest level in automated convenience.

When online payment processing has been fully integrated with a booking system, you can secure payments upfront so there’s no chasing clients who don’t pay on time.

Processing fees can vary, as can the time it takes to receive your funds.


Client Self-Service

It’s great if your clients can browse and book online, but it’s even better if they can cancel or reschedule their bookings themselves.

Client self-service will save you hours of rescheduling every week. It will also increase your clients level of service satisfaction leading to greater customer retention!


Flexible Pricing & Auto Debit

Truly great studio software allows you to create flexible pricing and billing options.

This means allowing you to sell different types of class passes, unlimited passes, casuals, weekly reservations and more.

Being able to set membership to recurring and lock clients into minimum commitment periods and auto-debit will also help increase revenue and client retention.

Our Commitment To You

We are commited to providing excellent customer service
and reliable, user-friendly software that will...

Save You Time

By helping you to make the right software choice for your studio and providing easy-to-use software with features that automate and delegate tasks.

Save You Money

By helping you to avoid unnecessary fees, reducing your monthly subscription when there are fewer active clients, and reducing no-shows.

Save Your Clients Time

By providing your clients with software that's easy-to-use along with a web app for 24/7 access to your schedule and their bookings.

Help Grow Your Business

By continually adding new features which focus on making it easier to manage more clients, more bookings and more payments as your business grows.

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