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How do I activate client passes?


All newly assigned client passes or packs must be activated before they can be freely scheduled into classes or activities. Activation gives you more control over bookings and allows you to permit clients use their passes before you have collected their payment. 

Passes can be activated in three ways:

1. Mark The Pass As Paid

On the Billing > Outstanding page, select the Payment Type in the Paid For With column and Save Changes. This will move the pass to the received payments page and activate the pass.


Activating client passes by payment

2. Set Pass To Activate

On the Billing > Outstanding page, select 'Options' > 'Activate' next to the pass you want to activate. Activating a pass allows the credits to be accessed and rescheduled, but does not mark the pass as paid. You will see an 'Activated' label next to the activated pass.

Activating client passes


3. Online Payment Processing

If online card payment processing has been enabled on your account, (Billing > Payment Settings) clients can pay online and their passes will be automatically activated and moved to the received payments page.

Once a pass has been activated, you can also use 'Add Participants' to assign the additional credits into classes. When a client runs out of credits, you can simply assign them a new pass.

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