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How do I add activities to my schedule?


Before you can add an activity to your schedule, you must have added at least one service with a linked pricing. 

Step 1. Go to the My Business > Schedule page and select 'Schedule New Activity'.

Schedule a new activity

Step 2. Fill in the form for your new activity.

Schedule a new activity

  • - Do you want the activity to be public (for online bookings) or private (only you and the participants can see it)?
  • - Select the service the activity is for, note that the pricing for this services is displayed at the bottom. 
  • - If applicable set the activity recommended experience level.
  • - Set the instructor who will be teaching the activity, notice the list is limited to the staff who are linked to this service.
  • - Set the location where the activity will be held. 
  • - Set the maximum number of spaces that are available for this activity.
  • - Set the number of waiting list spaces you want available for this activity. 
  • - Set the start date and time duration for this activity. 
  • - Set whether the activity is recurring or once off.
  • - If recurring, choose the days it should be repeated on and then save!

If you can't see an instructor in the list, please ensure the staff member has been linked to the pricing on the Service Manager page.  

Step 3. Voila! Your new activity has been scheduled and ready to accept bookings. 

Schedule a new activity

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