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Business / Instructor + Creating Pricing


How do I create new pricing?


Step 1. Go to the My Business > Manager page and select 'Create New Pricing'.

Create new pricing align=

Step 2. Ensure the service you want the new pricing created for is selected. Then complete the form for the pricing type you want to create.

Create new pricing align=

Step 3. That's it. Your new pricing has been created and is ready to be sold for your service. 

Create new pricing align=

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How do I create a one time registration fee?


To charge new clients a once off registration fee, follow these steps:

1. On the Service Manager page create a new 'Credit Pack' pricing for the desired service
2. Set sell online to 'No' since you will need to assign it to new clients
3. Set pricing name to: 'Registration Fee' (or similar)
4. Set recurring to: 'No'
5. Set pack size to: '1'
6. Set valid from to: 'Date Of Payment/Activation'
7. Set valid for to: 'No expiry'
8. Set rate as required
9. Set staff to all, or as required

Now you can go to the My Business > Schedule page and select 'Assign New Pack' to assign a Registration Fee pricing to any client's account. 

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