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How do I import data from another booking platform?


If you are moving across from another booking platform such as MindBody online, please let us know via email or live chat so that we can assist you make the transition with a minimum of fuss. 


How do I import a client list?


To import a batch of contacts into Bookamat please follow these instructions.

Step 1. Download our client import template here:
Step 2. Open the client import template file and add your contacts using the predefined columns, then save the file as a "CSV  (Comma delimited)" format. Note that you can import a maximum of 1000 clients at a time, plus every contact should have at least a name and an email address.
Step 3. While logged into your Business Account, go to My Business > Clients.
Step 4. Select Import Clients.
Step 5. Select the client import file you just saved.
Step 6. Click on Import Client List and wait for the file to be imported.

Here is an example of how your data should look in the template for a successful import. Note you must keep the first row headings and dates must be formatted as dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 01/01/1990).

Import A Client List

Alternatively you can always send an email to your clients directing them to register with your business using your unique Bookamat business registration link found here: My Account > Links. If you are still having trouble importing your client list please send us a message so we can help. 

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