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How do I link new staff to pricing?


New staff members added to your account must be linked to a service pricing before they can be assigned to an activity in the schedule. Here is how to link your staff to pricing. 

Step 1. Go to the Service Manager > My Services page and locate the service (e.g. Hot Yoga) the new staff member should be permitted to teach. The 'Staff' column indicates that 'Multiple' staff are linked to this pricing, but not 'All Staff'. That's because we have a new staff member who needs to be linked. 

How to link staff to pricing

Step 2. Select the Edit button against the pricing you want the new staff member linked with and choose 'Link Staff'. 

How to link staff to pricing

Step 3. The Attach Pricing form displays your service (e.g. Hot Yoga) and the linked pricing (1 Month Unlimited ($120) and that our new staff member is not yet linked. To link them, select the check box next to the new staff member and then save. 

How to link staff to pricing

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each pricing the staff member should be linked with. You can also use the pricing search drop down to find the pricing you want to link. 

How to link staff to pricing

How to link staff to pricing

Step 5. Once you are done linking, the Staff column will now indicate that 'All Staff' are now linked. You are now ready to assign the new staff member as an instructor for this service in your schedule. 

How to link staff to pricing

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