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Class Attendee + Studio Owner + Mobile Apps


Is there a mobile app that I can download?


We love simplicity and always strive to do more with less. Using this approach we have been able to ensure our clients and their customers get the very best Bookamat experience on any internet enabled mobile, tablet or desktop device using browser enabled web apps. 

To install Bookamat as a web app on your phone, simply visit using Chrome or Safari and, when prompted, select 'Install App' or 'Add to Home Screen'.

Mobile app

If you selected 'Ignore' or declined the invitation to install the app we won't ask you again for 14 days. If you should want to install the app before we ask again, you will need to clear/reset your browser cache and then visit again. 

Bookamat also has a desktop web app which you can read more about how to install on our blog

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