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Can I stream classes on Bookamat?


Bookamat let's you add a live streaming link for every activity in your schedule. Simply enter the streaming link into the Broadcast Link (Schedule > Options > Broadcast Link) field to share the stream with your students. You can use Zoom, YouTube, Google Hangouts or any other streaming service which provides live streaming links!

Students will receive the link in their payment confirmation email, and in their Bookamat client accounts.  

Here are some free streaming software and app options:

1.) Google Hangouts

2.) YouTube

4.) Facebook

5.) OBS Studio

6.) Zoom

7.) Periscope - Live Video

8.) Livestream

9.) YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat - Go Live!

10.) Promo


How to add streaming classes along side studio classes?


Here's how to continue to offering your students in-person studio classes, while also offering bookings via an online streaming link. 

1. Add A Location Called "Online Streaming"

Go to My Business > Service Manager > Locations and add a new location called "Online Classes" or "Online Streaming".

2. Add A New Service

Go to My Business > Service Manager > My Services and add a new Service called "Yoga Online Classes" or "Pilates Online Mat Classes" for example.  Include in the service description information about the service being an online streamed class and that the streaming link will be provided to students on booking confirmation. 

3. Create A New Pricing

Go to My Business > Service Manager > My Services and add a new Pricing option for your online service called "1 Online Pass" for example.  Your new service and pricing should look similar to this example.

How to add online streaming classes to Bookamat

4. Add A New Activity 

Go to My Business > Schedule and select Schedule New Activity. Fill in the form for the new online service assigning up to a maximum of 100 class spaces and scheduling the online class at the same time as your normal studio class so they overlap. Note to allow overlapping / concurrent activities to be taught by the same teacher, go to Settings > Booking Conditions and allow overlapping activities. 

5. Add A Broadcast Link 

Go to My Business > Schedule > Options > Broadcast Link and paste in the unique live streaming (or pre-recorded video) link, e.g. from YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom etc, for each class. 

Student Bookings For Online Classes

Students can browse your classes like they normally would and filter by online or studio classes.

How to add online streaming classes to Bookamat

When confirming a booking to an online class students will see the service description you added.

How to add online streaming classes to Bookamat

Students will receive the link when they confirm their booking via their Bookamat account and in their email booking confirmation.

How to add online streaming classes to Bookamat

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