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Business / Instructor + Weekly Reservation


How does the weekly reservation work?


Our amazing weekly reservation pricing has been designed to save you and your clients time. It's the perfect solution when reservations are essential!

Why is it amazing?

  1. 1. Bookamat secures the client into the same class spot each week until cancelled (set and forget)

  2. 2. Clients pay per calendar month (e.g. at the beginning of each month, else risk losing their reservation)

  3. 3. Clients pay based on how many classes are in the month, or a based on fixed monthly rate (you choose)

  4. 4. Set optional reduced rates for clients who reserve 2 - 5 classes per week (e.g. $10 per class for 1 class per week, $9 per class for 2 classes per week etc.)

Plus you can also set up:

  • • Auto-reminders for clients on weekly reservations to pay for their upcoming classes at the end of each month

  • • Auto-removal of any unpaid weekly reservations on the 1st of each month

  • • Auto-notifications for clients whose weekly reservation are removed due to non-payment

Got a query about how to set up weekly reservation pricing for your business? Drop us an email so we can help!


How do I set up weekly reservation pricing?


1. Go to My Business > Service Manager and select 'Create New Pricing'.

2. Ensure the correct Service is selected and select 'Weekly Reservation' for the Pricing Type

Adding Weekly Reservation Pricing

3. Add a 'Pricing Name' e.g. Weekly Reservation

4. 'Billing Cycle' is fixed to calendar month which means clients are billed per calendar month 

5. 'Recurring' is also fixed to yes since this is a recurring pricing plan

6. Choose how long the credits given to clients on the Weekly Reservation pricing should be 'Valid For'. E.g. if a client can't attend one of their classes, then you might like to allow them up to reschedule it into another class up to 2 months into the future.

7. The 'Rate' is the amount a client will be changed for attending the same class each week. You can also choose whether the client should have to pay this rate as a fixed monthly rate (flat rate) or on a per booking basis.

8. The 'Multi Weekly' section lets you set a different rate for clients who attend 2, 3, 4 or 5 classes per week on the weekly reservation. For example:

          • $50 per class for 1 class per week (base rate)

          • $47.50 per class for 2 classes per week (a $5 client saving per week for attending 2 classes per week)

          • $45 per class for 3 classes per week (a $15 client saving per week for attending 3 classes per week)

9. If you your require to clients make a minimum number of payments before they can cancel this plan, enter this number in the 'Commitment' field

10. Select which staff members should be authorised to offer this rate to clients (e.g. select all staff if anyone can offer this rate.)

11. Select "Create New Pricing"


How do I add clients using weekly reservation pricing?


1. Create a weekly reservation pricing

2. Go to My Business > Schedule 

3. Select Options > Add Participant for the class which you want to start the clients weekly reservation booking

4. Locate the client (scroll or name search) then select the round check box in the attending column against their name

5. A list of your pricing will appear including your weekly reservation

Adding Weekly Reservation Attendance

6. Select the Weekly Reservation option and then 'Add Participant'

7. The client is now reserved in this same class every week.

8. Go to the My Business > Billing > Outstanding page to check the amounts owing, upcoming months etc 

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