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Do clients have to pay before being able to use their bookings?


With Bookamat you can choose how to run your business. If you want clients to pay before attending classes, Bookamat can help you collect payment before releasing client bookings. Or if you want to allow clients to pay after attending classes, Bookamat lets you to "activate" client bookings, releasing them for scheduling, so you can take payment later. The choice is yours.


What booking options or payment plans does Bookamat support?


Bookamat supports a growing number of booking options and payment plans to suit businesses and their clients. 

  • Drop In
    - Allows clients to attend and pay for one booking only. 

  • Weekly (set and forget)
    - Provides clients with a regular (recurring & reserved) spot in the same activity (day and time) every week until cancelled.
    - Weekly is billed to the client each month based on either a flat rate (regardless of the number of activities), or per booking rate.
    - Flat rate 'pro-rata' is also available. 
    - Pricing for clients who attend two or three sessions per week can also be set from the 'Multi Weekly' tab.  

  • Pack (class pass)
    - Provides clients with a flexible booking option which is billed as a once off payment.
    - Businesses can create customised packs of bookings which, when purchased, offer clients the convenience of being able to schedule bookings as and when they can attend.
    - Unlimited pack are also supported allowing clients to book any number of activities (subject to availability) from when the deal was booked up until the end of the valid for duration.

  • Free Credits (non-billable)
    - Assign clients batches of non-billable credits to schedule as needed. Great for handling payments outside of Bookamat.


Can I manage and make new bookings on behalf of my clients?


Yes. Bookamat gives businesses complete control over all their client bookings. 


What about public holidays or business closures?


Bookamat allows businesses to schedule activities on any day including public holidays. Where bookings should be prevented on certain days (e.g. December / January holidays), simply go to the My Business > Service Manager > Holidays page and add the 'to' and 'from' dates for when individual staff members will be unavailable or for when the business will be closed. 

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