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About The Client Account

Designed for studios

Everything Your Clients Need

Invite clients to be in control of their own bookings. Increase client engagement and make better use of time.

  • 1

    Make New Bookings

    Make New Bookings

    Browse the studio schedule

    Buy class passes

    Schedule bookings

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    Make Payments

    Make Payments

    Pay directly into your account using EFT

    Pay online using credit card

    Pay in person using cash

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    Manage Bookings

    Manage Bookings

    Reschedule or cancel bookings

    Join waiting lists | More Info >

    Set upcoming class and low credit reminders

"I love Bookamat because it gives me control of my
classes and I don't have to bug my teachers all the time!"

Why Clients Love Bookamat

We make it easy for clients to engage with your studio.

Easy To Use

Simple registration and sign in
Add to phone home screen (iOS & Android)
Works on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Account History

View attendance history
View billing history
View booking history


Reminders for upcoming classes
Reminders for expiring bookings
Reminders for when credits are running low
Notifications about canceled classes
Notifications about modified classes and bookings


Download upcoming bookings as PDF
Add upcoming bookings to Google calendar
No app to download means no compatablity issues
No advertisements for competing businesses
Access to Bookamat customer support

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