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Bookamat includes tools to help you stay in contact with your clients.

Keep Clients Connected

Simple and powerful tools to keep you connected with your clients and convert more leads into sales!

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    Know Every Client

    Know where clients are at

    View upcoming classes and payments.

    View past classes and due payments.

    Check remaining visits, notes & more.

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    Email From Bookamat or Mailchimp

    Email from Bookamat or Mailchimp

    Send from Bookamat for up to 500 clients.

    Mailchimp free for up to 2,000 contacts.

    Synchronise your client list with Mailchimp.

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    Automated Reminders

    Automated reminders

    Upcoming class reminders.

    Recurring payment reminders.

    Expiring credit reminders & more.

I have used a variety of booking systems in the past but I am absolutely loving Bookamat.co.

Charlotte F, Pilates By Charlotte

5 star rating

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Can I send emails from Bookamat without Mailchimp?

Absolutely! Bookamat lets you compose emails to send to all participants in any class. You can also compose emails to send up to 500 clients in your client list.

Can I send emails from Bookamat to groups of clients?

Absolutely! Bookamat lets you target groups of clients to email based on when their last booking was, or if they have never made a booking at all. Get more bookings by sending discount coupons offers to clients who haven't booked for 6 months today!

Can clients opt out of emails?

Absolutely! Clients can opt out of emails you send from Bookamat. They can also turn notifications on or off as they require.

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