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Bookamat fitness studio software helps manage waivers and forms.

Automated Form Management

Bookamat makes it easier for you to collect pre-attendance waivers and other forms from new clients.

  • 1

    Online Waiver

    Online waivers

    Paste your own waiver agreement.

    Clients can sign/agree online.

    Clients without a signed waiver can't pay online.

  • 2

    Additional forms

    Additional forms

    Add links to online forms or attach documents.

    Great for health questionnaires.

    Clients alerted during the sign up process.

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    Version control

    Version control

    Waiver history available for business and clients.

    Track which clients signed which waiver.

    Easily require clients to sign updated waivers.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Upload Your Waiver

Go to Settings > Waivers and upload your custom waiver agreement. Enable the waiver to alert clients to sign/agree online.

Step 2. Start Collecting

Newly registered clients will be prompted to view and sign your waiver online. For clients who are not registered, you can easily send them your waiver via email.

Clients who haven't signed/agreed your latest waiver won't be able to process online payments until received.

Step 3. Version Control

Bookamat will automatically update each clients account when a signed waiver is received. Track when each client signed your waiver from the My Business > Clients page or generate a Clients Report.

Loving the helpful team... It is great to know I have this support for the admin side of my business.

Kristine B, Wild Spark Yoga

Do more with Bookamat!

Can clients still book online if they haven't signed a waiver?

Clients are unable to pay for their passes and memberships online unless they have signed your most current waiver.

Can I upload pre-attendance COVID-19 or health questionnaires?

Absolutely! You can upload, or link to your COVID-19 pre-attendance or health questionnaires using Bookamat.

Clients will be alerted to your form when they register online.

Can Bookamat store my signed waivers online?

Absolutely! Complete with version control and history, you can update your waiver terms and know exactly which version each client signed.

When you create a new waiver, Bookamat will alert your clients to sign the latest version online. It's quick an easy for them, saves you time, and gives you complete peace of mind.

If a client hasn't registered yet, no worries! Simply send them the digital waiver directly from your Bookamat account.

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