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Bookamat fitness studio software helps manage waivers and forms.
Bookamat fitness studio software helps manage waivers and forms.

Form Management

Bookamat makes it easier for you to collect pre-attendance forms from new clients.

  • 1

    Document Upload

    Document upload

    Upload your forms for new clients on registration.

    Link to online forms or questionnaires.

    Link to 3rd party waiver software (e.g. waiverking).

  • 2

    Online Waiver

    Online waivers

    Upload a link to your online form.

    Use with Google forms or waiver software.

    Bulk send to all clients or individuals.

  • 3

    Receive & Sign

    Receive and sign

    Record the date wavier was received.

    Send updated waivers to all clients.

    Check clients who are missing waivers.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Upload your forms

Go to My Business > Settings > Documents and upload your pre-attendance documents or add the link to your online waiver forms.

Step 2. Start collecting

Newly registered clients will be prompted to view and return your required forms or documents. For clients who don't register online, you can easily send them your form or link from your clients page.

Step 3. Record signed waivers

For each signed waiver or document you receive, simply enter the date you received it on the client page. This way you'll know which clients have signed waivers and which have not. The date also helps you know when a waiver was signed in case you update your terms.

“Loving the helpful team... It is great to know I have this support for the admin side of my business.”

Kristine B, Wild Spark Yoga

Five Star Rating

Do more with Bookamat!

Can clients still book online if they haven't signed a waiver?

Bookamat doesn't force clients to have signed a waiver before they can book online.

Can I upload COVID-19 pre-attendance forms?

Absolutely! You can upload, or link to your COVID-19 pre-attendance forms using Bookamat.

Can I use software like waiverking.com with Bookamat?

Absolutely! Simply add your waiverking.com online waiver link into Bookamat and clients will be presented it when then register or when you send it to them.

Can Bookamat store my signed waivers online?

We don't currently allow you to save signed waivers within Bookamat. For now you can save waivers to your local PC, in the cloud, or use a 3rd party software like waiverking.com which saves them for you.

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