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Bookamat fitness studio software helps generate more leads.

Capture More Leads!

Grow your client list with Bookamat website integration, referral tracking, discount coupons and more!

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    Grow your client list

    Grow your client list

    Take bookings via Facebook & Instagram.

    Take bookings through your website integration.

    Send targetted email campaigns with Mailchimp.

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    Identify top referrers

    Identify top referrers

    See where new leads are coming from.

    Track how many new clients joined per month.

    Reward your best referrers.

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    Increase Sales

    Increase sales

    Offer discount coupons for new clients.

    Bookings for friends & family members.

    Automated payment reminders.

So Easy To Setup!

So Easy To Setup!

We are so impressed with Bookamat and highly recommend it! The app is user-friendly for our students and the support to get it all up and running has been amazing!

Alida O, Hot Yoga Studio

5 star rating

Frequestly asked questions

Can I email my clients from Bookamat?

Absolutely! You can email up to 500 clients from your Bookamat account with offers and news etc. You can also email entire groups of class participants or individuals.

Does Bookamat work with Mailchimp?

Absolutely! You can link your Bookamat account to your Mailchimp account to syncrnonise your client lists and compose newsletters, or deliver drip campaigns, straight from Mailchimp.

Does Bookamat help me get more customer reviews?

Absolutely! Add your preferred customer review link (e.g. Google reviews) and we'll add it to your client emails and your live schedule to help get you more customer reviews.

Can clients book my classes from Instagram?

Absolutely! You can add your live booking schedule to your Instagram account (either in your profile or in your LinkTree account).

Can I offer discount coupons to new clients only?

Absolutely! You can create a code, set the amount to discount, and set the number of uses per new client. Add the code to your website or share on social media!

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