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Pricing options to help optimise class attendance

Customisable class pricing

Maximise Class Attendance

We worked with studio owners to develop customisable pricing options to optimise class attendance.

  • 1

    Single Booking / Casual

    Single Booking / Casual


    Single appointments or events

    Taster or try-out classes

  • 2

    Credit Packs / Passes

    Credit Packs / Passes

    For clients who need extra flexibility

    Buy and schedule as needed

    Unlimited packs for studios with large space

  • 3

    Weekly Reservation

    Weekly Reservation

    Secures clients into the same class each week

    Monthly flat rate or per booking billing options

    Automated recurring billing to save time

Flexible Pricing Options

Bookamat will help you run a large studio with many spaces to fill,
or a small studio with limited spaces.

Studio Benefits

Create class passes for any number of credits
Create unlimited passes for set durations
Customise booking expirations
Create different pricing for different instructors
Create custom pricing for friends or students etc
Easily update pricing rates to affect new bookings
Create custom pricing names
Set pricing to sell online or private use only
Use weekly to reserve a clients space indefintely
Set rates for attending two and three classes per week
Use per booking or flat rate calendar month billing
Mix and match the pricing that suits your business

Client Benefits

Easy to understand pricing plans
Options for regular or irregular attendance
Guarantees a spot in the same class each week

"Bookamat is geared towards helping small businesses run effectively... I highly recommend this service."

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