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Sell Passes Online

Online class passes, unlimited membership options, weekly reservations, casual bookings and more!

  • 1

    Class passes

    Class passes

    For 1 to 50 credits.

    For recurring or once-off purchase.

    Active from booking, payment or first class.

  • 2

    Unlimited memberships

    Unlimited memberships

    Valid for any duration.

    For recurring or once-off purchase.

    Active from booking, payment or first class.

  • 3

    Weekly reservations

    Weekly reservations

    Secures client into the same class each week.

    Per booking or fixed rate monthly payment.

    Set rates for 1 - 5 classes per week.

Need Payment Processing?

Need Payment Processing?

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Go to Service Manager

Sign in to your Bookamat business account and go to My Business > Service Manager. Click on 'Create New Pricing'.

Step 2. Select a pricing type to create

On the new pricing form, choose a pricing type to create and fill in the form. You can set the pass name, valid for duration, valid from rule, if it should be sold online or not, the rate and more.

Step 3. Save and start selling!

Any pricing you saved which is set to sell online will be immediately available to buy to clients browsing online. You'll be notified any time a client adds a new pass to their basket and pays online.

So much flexibility to schedule different types of classes and create different costing categories.

Lisa S, Spring Active

5 star rating

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell passes for events or workshops?

Absolutely! Bookamat supports events, retreats and workshops. You can even create early bird pricing and more.

Can I create different passes for different staff members?

Absolutely! If you want to create different pricing or passes for different staff members you can do it in Bookamat.

Can I create passes which are valid for different class types?

Absolutely! You can choose if passes or memberships should be valid for one class type, some or all your classes.

Can I offer passes for clients who attend multiple classes per week?

Absolutely! Our weekly reservation pricing option lets you put clients into up to 5 different classes per week on a recurring basis and set the rate based on how many classes they are in! E.g. 2 clients in classes per week pay $20 per week, and those in 3 classes per week pay $27.50!

Can I create free or discounted pricing options?

Absolutely! All our pricing options can have a rate of zero. This allows you to offer free memberships, passes and classes. You can also create rates for pensioners, students or your friends and family!

Can I modify the rates at any time?

Absolutely! You can edit the pricing rates at any time, especially useful if you want to increase your pricing at any time. Changes will only affect new bookings only.

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