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Bookamat fitness studio software helps you build a team.

Total Team Management

Includes the tools you need to build and manage a growing team, and protect your account data.

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    Instructor Logins

    Instructor logins

    View upcoming activities they are teaching.

    Add new participants to increase revenue.

    Manage bookings, attendance and more!

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    Set Instructor Commission Rates

    Set commission rates

    Set different rates for each instructor.

    Set different rates for different classes.

    Pay per booking or pay per activity.

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    Calculate Instructor Pay

    Calculate instructor pay

    Assign instructors a commission rate.

    Generate staff commission reports.

    Generate revenue per staff member reports.

Staff App Included

Staff App Included!

Frequently asked questions!

Can my instructors to sign into their own account?

Absolutely! If you run a team, inviting your instructors or teachers to sign in to their own instructor account is a great way to save time, and protect your primary account data.

Can I use Bookamat for my front desk?

Absolutely! Bookamat can be used by your front desk team or receptionist to take bookings, record payments and more.

Can I create different passes for different staff members?

Absolutely! If you want to create different pricing or passes for different staff members you can do it in Bookamat.

Can my instructors record client payments?

Absolutely! If you want your instructors to be able to record client payments from their own account (e.g. to help save you time) you can!

Will my instructors get notified about bookings?

Absolutely! You can turn staff member notifications on or off from the staff page. If enabled, staff members will receive notifications about bookings at their classes so they never miss a beat - even if they don't have an instructor account!

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