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Everything You Need

All the tools you need to build a thriving fitness business of any shape or size!

1. Powerful Scheduling

  • Simple to set up and easy-to-use
  • Can be installed as a mobile app or desktop app
  • Manage your appointments, classes, sessions, events or retreats
  • Switch between day, week and month calendar or list views
  • View your schedule by location, staff, client, class time or date / time
  • Add staff holidays or business closure dates
  • Quickly add clients into activities using credits or new passes
  • Prevent scheduling and booking conflicts

2. Sell Passes Online

  • Create memberships, credit packs and/or booking reservations
  • Create recurring passes with a minimum number of payments required
  • Offer free passes or special passes for students, friends or pensioners etc
  • Create passes for private or public (online bookings) usage
  • Set passes to be active on booking, payment or attendance

3. Set Membership Rules

  • Restrict passes for use at one, some or all activity types
  • Restrict passes for use at one, some or all locations
  • Create different passes for different staff
  • Create exclusive passes for new joiners or active members only
  • Extend membership pass expiry dates
  • Pause and resume credits for individual clients
  • Bulk pause and resume credits for all clients

4. Manage Virtual Classes

  • Take bookings and payments for live streamed or pre-recorded classes
  • Works with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and other live streaming platforms
  • Host online and in-studio classes simultaneously (hybrid classes)
  • Upload your video link for once off or recurring sessions
  • Add pre-class notes for participants, e.g. equipment to bring
  • Auto-notifies participants 1 or 24 hours before start time
  • Displays your time zone for people booking from other countries

5. Client Management

  • View client attendance and billing history
  • View outstanding payments for each client
  • View upcoming bookings and remaining credits for each client
  • Upload and view client profile photos
  • Record and view client notes
  • Email individual or all clients
  • Email groups of clients, e.g. based on their booking history
  • View a feed of each client's activity with your studio

6. Client Login & App

  • Install the Bookamat app on mobile or desktop
  • Manage their own bookings (reschedule, move to credit etc)
  • Buy passes and book on behalf of family and friends
  • Browse, join and accept (or reject) waiting list spots
  • Browse, book and pay using card online (or with cash or bank transfer etc)
  • Receive reminders for upcoming activities and expiring bookings
  • Upload profile image and emergency contact info
  • Add their bookings to Google calendar or iCal
  • View their class, attendance, waiver and payment history

7. Get Paid Your Way

  • Choose the payment types you want to accept (cash, card, EFT, etc)
  • Optional integrated Visa & Mastercard payment processing
  • Link your Square payment account for fast payouts (Australia only)
  • Link your Stripe payment account for fast payouts (Supported countries)
  • Reconcile payments taken with any POS card reader or EFTPOS machine
  • Allow clients to pre-pay, pay on booking, or pay later
  • Allow clients to pay directly into your bank account
  • Auto debit & minimum client payments for recurring payment plans

8. Billing & Invoicing

  • View outstanding and received client payments
  • View and download client invoices as PDF
  • Send invoices to individuals or all clients with outstanding payments
  • Search for historical invoices by invoice number or client name
  • View projected monthly income
  • Easily record cash or other 3rd party client payments
  • Activate passes for scheduling before receiving payment
  • Display sales tax on invoices and amounts due

9. Reporting

  • Activity report for tracking class performance
  • Attendance report for reviewing client attendance
  • Client report for exporting detailed client information
  • Commission report for calculating staff commission
  • Packs report for checking client bookings
  • Payouts report displays itemised transactions from card payment processing
  • Payroll report for analysing income per staff member
  • Sales report for viewing sales transactions
  • Transactions report for analysing income per by payment channel

10. Staff Management

  • Create unlimited staff / teachers or instructors
  • Easily assign staff to, or switch staff between, activities
  • Assign different pricing to different staff
  • Set staff commission rates and run commission earning reports
  • Enable client booking notifications for staff
  • Prevents staff scheduling conflicts
  • Track staff member revenue and attendance rates

11. Instructor Login & App

  • Teachers can sign in to their own app / account
  • View upcoming activities which they are teaching
  • Add a profile image and description
  • Add participants into their classes
  • Record attendance, payments and notes
  • Reschedule or cancel bookings
  • View their earnings report and more

12. Lead Capture

  • Capture leads from your website and/or social media accounts
  • Generate leads through bookings for friends & family members
  • Increase leads through our complimentary business listing pages
  • Record and track how clients are referred to your business
  • Email targetting to offer deals to clients who have not booked recently
  • Mailchimp integration to boost leads through email marketing campaigns

13. Activity Management

  • View particiants in each activity and record their attendance
  • Add, remove or reschedule participants quickly and easily
  • Reschedule, cancel or accept waiting list positions for clients
  • View all activities in a recurring series
  • Cancel any activity with notifications to participants
  • Add private notes to any activity
  • Modify or create new pricing for activities
  • Modify activity date or times and notify participants

14. Event Mangement

  • Create events, workshops or retreats
  • Create bookings for early bird or general admission
  • Promote events on social media
  • Accept payment and track attendance

15. Waiting Lists

  • Add automated waiting lists to any activity
  • Clients can join waiting lists using their paid bookings
  • Clients on the waiting list are automatically notified if a space opens up
  • Clients can accept or reject a waiting list offer
  • Business can add, accept and remove clients from waiting lists

16. Contactless Client Check-In

  • Display a contactless client self-check-in page at reception
  • Scan a QR code to confirm attendance on the spot
  • Pre-booked clients can see their name on the attendance list
  • Pre-paid clients can schedule their credits into the activity
  • Clients without passes can book themselves into the activity on a new pass
  • New clients can add themselves and book into the activity on a new pass

17. Waiver Collection

  • Upload your own waiver and disclaimer form
  • Clients without a signed waiver can't pay online
  • Send your online waiver to clients who are not registered
  • Records when a signed waiver was received
  • Full version control to track who signed which waiver
  • Add links to online health questionnaires or attach documents

18. Fully Customisable

  • Customise the colour of your scheduling widget
  • Write your own new client welcome message
  • Set your own service and pricing names
  • Set your own maximum class, event and waiting list sizes
  • Set your own late cancellation policy
  • Upload your business logo to display on client registration and invoices
  • Set rules for accepting late bookings into empty activites
  • Control how far in advance clients can book and more

19. Notifications

  • Get notified about client registrations, payments, bookings etc
  • Instructors can get their own notifications about bookings for their activities
  • Automated welcome and happy birthday notifications to clients
  • Automated and editable welcome notification to new clients
  • Client notifications for upcoming activities, or expiring passes
  • Automated client notifications for recurring passes and many more
  • SMS & Whatsapp notifications (coming soon)

20. Location Management

  • Create any number or type of locations (rooms or buildings etc)
  • Run multiple studio locations through one account
  • Allow or restrict clients to use bookings between locations
  • Locations are geo-tagged

21. Website Integration

22. Business Promotion

  • Get a free Bookamat business listing (opt in or out)
  • Share upcoming activities to Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Email special offers to all clients from Bookamat
  • Create and share discount coupons to generate new business
  • Broadcast / live stream classes via 3rd party streaming software

23. Unique PAYG Pricing

  • Pay As You Grow (PAYG) pricing
  • Pay based on the number of active clients each month
  • Free for the first 10 active clients each month
  • No contracts, cancel any time

24. Online Support

  • Our friendly team are ready to take your query
  • Browse our comprehensive help center
  • Browse our FAQ database
  • New businesses receive a quick setup guide on registration
  • Registered businesses and clients can download detailed user guides
  • Online chat for registered businesses
  • Responsive email support covers multiple time zones

25. Data Security

  • We use security, backup & encryption techniques to secure your data
  • We don't store any credit or debit card details on our servers

26. Customer Loyalty

  • Receive a 20% loyalty discount on your 12th month of continous subscription

27. Advertisement Free

  • Bookamat is an advertisement free booking platform
  • Your clients won't be exposed to ads from competing studios

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