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Class Attendee + About

How does it work for attendees?

"I love Bookamat because it saves me time and means I don't have to bother my teacher! 10/10"

Bookamat is your gateway to browsing, booking , paying and managing your classes and activities online. 

Things you can do with Bookamat:

1. Join your favourite fitness studio, gym, swim or wellness center

2. Browse available classes, workshops and retreat and more (online or in-studio)

3. Browse and buy credits or memberships for booking activities

4. Book, reschedule, cancel and even move bookings back to credit

5. Control notifications about upcoming activities, expiring credits and more

6. Pay for credits or memberships

7. Add your upcoming bookings to Google Calendar

8. View your attendance and billing history

9. Download your upcoming class schedule in PDF and iCal format

10. Upload your profile image, emergency contact emails and more for your studio's reference

11. Book on behalf of friends or family 

How do I get started?

To get started, create a free account in one of the following ways:

1. Browsing and making a new booking

2. Searching for the name of the business you want to join

3. Request an invitation by contacting the business

Class Attendee + Activated Bookings

What does it mean if my bookings are activated?

The "activated" label next to your bookings on the Cart page means that the business hosting your classes has allowed you to access and reschedule your credits prior to receiving your payment.

You can check any amounts owing on the cart page of your Bookamat account.  

Class Attendee + Bookings

How do I make a booking?

1. Sign into your Bookamat account

2. Select the 'New Booking' button (on desktop, tablet or mobile)

3. Browse the class schedule for an activity to join and choose 'Confirm'

4. If you have a credit to schedule Bookamat will allow you to select 'Use Credit'

5. If you don't have a credit, you will need to buy a new pass by choosing a payment plan and selecting 'Add to Cart' 

6. Review the payment options on the Cart page

7. Your booking/s will confirmed (and credits available) after your payment has been confirmed 

For queries about bookings or payments please contact the business which is hosting the activities. 

What are casual reservation bookings?

Casual reservation bookings are for when you want to attend one activity or session only or attend on a pay-as-you-go basis. People usually book these when they want to try a new activity before committing to a longer-term plan. 

What are repeat reservation bookings?

Repeat reservation bookings are for when you want to commit to attending the same activity (day and time) every week. Payment is due on a calendar month or fortnightly basis and amounts may vary depending on whether the business charges a flat monthly rate or a per booking rate.

What are credit pack bookings?

Credit packs (1 Pack, 4 Pack, 10 Pack etc) are for when you want the flexibility of being able to schedule bookings as and when you can attend them.

What are unlimited packs?

Unlimited packs, popular with yoga and dance studios, allow you to book any number of activities (subject to availability) from when the deal was booked up until a set expiry date. 

When you book and pay for an unlimited pack, you will receive a credit booking called 'Unlimited Pack' on your client account credit page. This credit can be rescheduled repeatedly for the duration of the deal. 

How to recurring bookings work?

If you are on a recurring payment plan (indicated by a circular arrow), Bookamat will re-book the same plan for you whenever it expires or runs out of credits. You will be notified when the new pass has been added. 

How much does it cost to make bookings through Bookamat?

Bookings processed by Bookamat should cost the same as booking directly through the business offering the activities. However each business on Bookamat is able to set their own rates at their own discretion. You will be shown the rates during the booking process. 

What if I don't turn up for my activity or session?

If you fail to arrive for your scheduled activity you will lose your booking for that activity. Remember you can prevent losing your booking by using Bookamat to reschedule your booking outside of the businesses late cancellation rule. If you believe you have grounds to request a late cancellation, please contact the business with which the bookings were made.

What if I miss my activities due to extended leave, illness or injury?

If you know you are going to miss your activities for an extended duration, please contact the business where the sessions were booked and notify them to make an arrangement.

What if I want to stop attending my activity?

If you wish to stop attending your activity, you can remove them from Bookamat via the basket page or contact the business where the bookings were made to have them removed for you.

Before stopping, please contact the business where you were attending the activity directly to notify them. Many businesses require a month’s notice so please ensure that you are familiar with their terms and conditions.

I deleted a booking by accident, can I get it back?

If you believe you have made an honest mistake, please contact the business/studio where the booking was made to enquire about options.

Having trouble booking an activity?

Bookamat only lists the activities each business makes available. If you are having trouble finding an available activity to join, please contact the business directly for assistance.

For technical assistance please contact us.

Class Attendee + Cancellations

What happens if my activity is cancelled?

In the unlikely event that your activity or session is cancelled you will receive a cancellation notification by email and the business offering the activity may contact you to make alternative arrangements.

If you had already paid for that class, you will receive a credit which can be rescheduled. 

Class Attendee + Cart

How does the cart work?

If you are familiar with online shopping sites or ticketing websites, you'll find that our cart works in a similar way. You can add any number of new bookings to your cart and review them before proceeding to the payment page. 

Once your bookings have been successfully paid, they will be moved to the My Bookings or Credit page of your account.

Please note that not all businesses using Bookamat allow online card payments. If card payments are not available as a payment option, please follow the instructions for alternative payment options and wait for your bookings to be confirmed. 

Class Attendee + Discount Coupons

How do I use my discount code?

Go to your cart page and select "Credit / Debit Card (Online)". You will then be able to enter your discount code in.

Class Attendee + Forgot Password

Help! I've forgotten my password.

To reset your password, sign in as a client then select the 'Forgot Password' button and follow the prompts. 

Class Attendee + Friends & Family

Can I book for my friends and family?


To buy passes for, and book on behalf of, your friends and family members follow these steps.


Step 1. Sign in to your client account and go to the My Account > Relationships page.

Step 2. Select 'Add New Relationship' and fill in the form then save.  Note that you will be the designated payee for any relationships you create. 

Step 3. Now when you buy a new pack or pass, you will be able to choose who the attendee is (who the pass will be for).  

Step 4. The pack will be added to your basket and after payment has been confirmed, you will be able to schedule the credits on behalf of the attendee.

Can I use my own credits to book for friends or family?

Some businesses require you to buy a new pack or pass for the friend or family member you want to book for. Other businesses allow you to use your own credits to book on behalf of your relationships. Please contact the business where you attend classes for clarification. 

Can I choose who pays?

When you add a relationship you become the designated payee for the relationship.

If you no longer wish to be the payee for the relationship then you can remove them from your account by going to My Account > Relationships > Options > Remove.

Class Attendee + Notifications

Can I receive reminders about upcoming activities?

Sure! To receive notifications for upcoming activities and expiring credit bookings, sign into your account and go to My Account > Notifications.

Class Attendee + Online Classes

How do bookings for online classes work?

Many businesses are now offering classes on Bookamat via online streaming. Bookings for online classes work in much the same way as bookings for in-person classes:

1. Browse for the session you want to join
2. Choose a pricing option to add to your basket
3. Make payment 

After payment has been confirmed, you will be sent an email containing the online class link. Note that you may be required to install 3rd party streaming software to be able to join the online class depending on the streaming service the business or studio is using. 

Your online class link will also be displayed on your Bookamat My Bookings page as per the example below. If you do not see the link it usually means the business or studio has not yet uploaded the link for that class or session yet. 

You will also receive the link to your online classes 1, 24 or 48 hours (studio depending) before the scheduled start time of the session.  

Class Attendee + Online Payments

How do online card payments work?

Bookamat has partnered with Stripe Payments, Square Payments and Peach Payments to enable you to pay for bookings safely and securely online. No credit card details are stored on Bookamat servers. You will be shown the valid payment options for the business you have booked classes with during the booking process. 

Benefits of Online Payments:

1. You only need to add your debit or credit card details once
2. Bookings are confirmed immediately and moved to the booked page where they can be rescheduled 
3. There is no additional cost to you 
4. It's safe, quick and secure
5. Discount coupons are supported

Why won’t Bookamat accept my card payment?

If you are having problems processing a payment using your credit or debit card, please firstly check that:

1. There are sufficient funds on your card.
2. You are entering the CVV number correctly.
3. You haven't exceeded your daily card spend limit.
4. Your card has been enabled for online recurring purchases by your bank.
5. Your card is either a VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card.

If you are still unable to process payment, please try to remove your card and re-add it. 

Lastly there may be times when the online card payment facility is unavailable due to circumstances out of our control. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this causes and ask that you come back later and try again. If the problem persists please contact us. If the booking is urgent, please contact your studio directly.

Class Attendee + Payments

What payment methods does Bookamat accept?

Bookamat provides a platform for businesses to choose the payment methods they want to accept. You will be shown the accepted payment methods for the business you have booked with during the booking and payment process. 

How do I remove my credit / debit card?

1. Sign in to Bookamat
2. Go to My Account > Card Management
3. Select 'Remove' for the card you want to remove
4. Confirm that you want to remove the card

Can I pay using cash or EFT?

If the business you are booking with supports EFT and cash payments you will be shown these options during the booking process. Cash or EFT payments must be paid directly to the business where the bookings were made.

What happens to overdue payments?

Bookings for which payment is overdue will remain on the cart page until payment has been received by the business offering them. Note that businesses may also cancel or remove any bookings with overdue payments at their own discretion.

Class Attendee + Refunds

Who do I contact about refunds?

If you believe you are entitled to a refund please contact the business through which the classes in question were booked. 

Class Attendee + Registration

How do I register at my studio or gym?

If the studio or business you want to join is publicly listed, you can go to the top of this page and select the menu button then choose 'Looking for a class to join?' and follow the prompts.

If the studio or business you want to join has chosen to not be publicly listed, please contact them directly ask them to send you an email invitation.

Can I register with more than one business?

Yes. Bookamat lets you join any number of businesses and manage all your bookings from the one account.

Class Attendee + Rescheduling

Why can't I reschedule my booking?

If you can't find an activity to reschedule your booking into it could be because:

1. Your booking is about to expire and can't be rescheduled beyond it's expiry date.
2. There are no free spaces for the activities you are looking for.
3. You are already a participant in the activities you are searching for (you can't double book a class).
4. The booking can't be rescheduled within [x] hours of the start of the said activity (each business sets their own late cancellation policy).

If you still believe you should be able to reschedule your booking, please contact the studio/business where the booking was made. 

Class Attendee + Waiting Lists

How do waiting lists work?

Paid bookings can be rescheduled into any activity waiting list when available. If you have joined a waiting list, Bookamat will notify you via email before the scheduled start time of the activity should a vacancy become available. The email will give you two options, either to 'Check Vacancy' or 'Reject' the offer. 

Select "Check Vacancy" if you wish to accept this activity. You will be taken immediately to the Bookamat website where we will confirm if the space is still available and if so, your booking will be confirmed.

Click 'Reject' or ignore the email if you wish for your booking to be credited back to you.  

If you do not get offered a vacancy for the activity, your booking will be automatically credited back to you at the end of the day.  

Alternatively you can also manually accept a waiting list vacancy by using your client account and selecting the wait listed activity and choosing ‘Accept Wait List’ once a vacancy is available. 

Class Attendee + Studio Owner + Mobile Apps

Is there a mobile app that I can download?

We love simplicity and always strive to do more with less. Using this approach, we have been able to ensure our clients and their customers get the very best Bookamat experience on any internet enabled mobile, tablet or desktop device using browser enabled web apps. 

To install Bookamat as a web app on your phone, simply visit using Chrome or Safari and, when prompted, select 'Install App' or 'Add to Home Screen'.

If you selected 'Ignore' or declined the invitation to install the app we won't ask you again for 14 days. If you should want to install the app before we ask again, you will need to clear/reset your browser cache and then visit again. 

Bookamat also has a desktop web app which can be installed. For addition information about installing our mobile or desktop app, please visit:

Studio Owner + Bookings

Do clients have to pay before being able to use their bookings?

The choice is yours.

If you want clients to pay before attending classes, Bookamat can help you collect payment before releasing client bookings. Or if you want to allow clients to pay after attending classes, Bookamat lets you to activate bookings, releasing them for scheduling, so you can take payment later. 

Can I manage and make new bookings on behalf of my clients?


Bookamat gives you complete control over all your client bookings. Whenever you add a new booking for a client on their behalf, they will also see the booking in their account. 

Studio Owner + Business Closure & Holidays

Can I add business closure or staff holiday dates and times?


Business closure and/or staff holidays dates and times can be set so that scheduled activities which fall during the holiday or closure period will not take client bookings. 

Studio Owner + Changing Instructors

Can I change the instructor for any activity?


Changing the instructor or teacher for any activity can be done swiftly for once off activities or entire series. 

Studio Owner + Classpass or FitKey

Can I use Class Pass or FitKey with Bookamat?


If you use a 3rd party booking service like ClassPass or FitKey etc, you can easily reserve them a space in your classes by creating one or more fictional clients such as "Class Pass 01" or "Fit Key 01". 

At any time you want to allow a full paying client to take a spot reserved for ClassPass, simply remove the ClassPass client and move the full paying client in. Easy!

Studio Owner + Client Accounts

How do client accounts work?

Bookamat provides your clients with their own accounts. Each client account is easy to use and provides access via mobile, tablet or desktop, to your schedule and their bookings.

Clients can use their accounts to:

1. Browse your schedule & passes
2. Make payments (including auto debit)
3. Book activities (for themselves or friends/family members)
4. Join / accept waiting lists
5. Set upcoming class reminders
6. Set reminders about expiring credits
7. Download their upcoming classes
8. Add bookings to Google calendar
9. Contact your studio
10. View their attendance/booking history
11. View their payment history
12. Upload a profile photo

When you register for a business account, you can also use your business account login details to access your own client account to experience what your clients will experience. 

How do my clients access their bookings?

Clients can access their bookings via their client account which they can register for in the following ways.

1. Invitation

If you have already loaded your clients into your business account then you can select Edit > Send Invite to invite individual clients from the My Business > Clients page. Or you can select 'Email Options' > 'Invite All Clients' to invite all your clients. Client will receive an email invitation to confirm their account with you. You will be notified whenever a new client registers with your business plus you will see their registration date on your My Business > Clients page.

2. Live Schedule

If the client hasn’t already been added to your client list and you don’t have time to add them, you can direct them to your live Bookamat schedule and ask them to book a class or register. Once they book they will be asked to confirm their account and on confirmation will then be added to your clients list.

3. Find My Studio

Clients can click on the 'Find My Studio' link at the top Bookamat homepage to locate and then join your studio. Note: to be found, you must have published your business from the My Settings > Conditions page. 

4. Invoice & Emails

When you add a client into an activity you can send them an invoice which contains instructions on how to register their own client account at your business. Most client notifications will also include a link for clients to register at your business too. 

5. Registration Link

You can always send an email to your clients directing them to register with your business using your unique Bookamat business registration link found on the My Settings > Links page.

Can I track my client referrals?


Bookamat lets your new clients add their referral source (friends name etc) on their registration form. You'll receive an email from us whenever a new client registers at your studio which will includes their referral source. You can even generate a to see each client's referral so you'll be able to reward those who give you the most referrals!

Studio Owner + Connected Services

Can clients use credits for multiple classes?


Bookamat lets you choose how your credits can be used by your clients. You can create memberships giving access to all classes, or you can limit certain passes to certain activity types. We call this "connecting services" and you can even use it to grant or limit access between different locations if desired.

Studio Owner + Different Staff Pricing

Can I have different staff on different rates?


Bookamat lets you have all your instructors on the same rates, or on different rates (e.g. senior or junior instructors) as needed.

Studio Owner + Discount Coupons

Can I offer discount coupons through Bookamat?


Whether you offer the first session for free to new clients or want to run a winter session special, discount coupons are a great way for businesses to generate more bookings and/or reward client loyalty. They are simple to set up and, when shared, can be used by new or existing clients to discount the cost of their bookings when they pay online.

Studio Owner + Events & Retreats

Can I offer events or retreats?


Bookamat lets you create and sell bookings for events, workshops and retreats. 

Studio Owner + Free Activities

Can I create free activities, events or classes?


Simply create or edit a pricing and set the rate to zero. Free bookings will be automatically and immediately confirmed.

Studio Owner + Friends & Family

Can clients book on behalf of family members or friends?


This amazing feature allows your clients to add up to 5 friends or family members who they then buy passes and make bookings for. It's the easiest way to increase your client base and revenue.

Plus you can even choose if clients should be able to use their own credits to book their relationships, or if they should have to buy them a new pass first.

Studio Owner + Getting Started

How do I get started?

Simply register your business and confirm your account and we'll send you all the information you need to get up and running. 

Do you offer demonstrations?

We offer a self-guided demonstration at

If you would like more information on how Bookamat can work for your business please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.  

Studio Owner + Health Questionnaires

Can I upload a health questionnaire for clients to fill in?


You can add a link to your own online questionnaire (e.g. Google Forms) which will be sent to your clients when they register. If you prefer you can also upload a document (e.g. PDF) which clients can fill in and return to you. 

Studio Owner + Importing Data

Can I import my data from another booking system?


If you are moving across from another booking platform such as MindBody online, please refer to the instructions in our client import guideIf you need further assistance please let us know via email or live chat so that we can assist you make the transition with a minimum of fuss. 

Studio Owner + Instructor Accounts

Do my instructors get separate accounts / logins?


Each staff member you add can have their own instructor account and login which allows them to view classes they are teaching, record attendance, add and email attendees and more!

Studio Owner + Integrations

Can I link my Mailchimp account to Bookamat?


Bookamat is integrated with Mailchimp, one of the worlds most popular email marketing platforms. Mailchimp is easy to use, free for up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 sends per month, and provides tools for creating engaging newsletters, drip campaigns and more. 

Once connected, your Bookamat client list will be synchronized with your Mailchimp list at a rate of 20 contacts every 10 minutes. You can check the synchronization status on the Mailchimp tab under My Account. Contacts will appear in your Mailchimp account with the tag ‘Bookamat’.

Whenever a new client registers with your business on Bookamat, or edits their information, their details will be automatically synchronized with your Mailchimp account. 

Can I link my Stripe payments account?


Bookamat is integrated with Stripe payments for customers in 42 countries around the world. Once your account has been connected, online payments for bookings will be transferred directly into your Stripe account within 2 - 3 business days.

Note that in addition to Stripe's fees, a fee of 0.30 (local currency) per transaction will be deducted by Bookamat.

Can I link my Square payments account?

Bookamat is currently integrated with Square payments for customers in Australia only.

If you have an Australian Square payments account you can connect it to Bookamat as follows.

Step 1. Go to your My Account > Square Integrations page
Step 2. Select 'Authorise Access..."
Step 3. Follow the prompts

Once your account has been authorised, online payments for bookings will be transferred directly into your Square account within 2 - 3 business days.

Bookamat deducts a AUD 30c per transaction. Please check Square's website for their pricing / fees. 

Studio Owner + Linking to Instagram

Can I link Bookamat to Instagram?

Yes you can! To allow your clients to browse and make bookings at your studio from Instagram we recommend using a popular service like LinkTree. Once you have LinkTree connected to your Instagram account, simply add your Bookamat live schedule link to your LinkTree URL list so your Instagram visitors can browse and making bookings. 

Studio Owner + Locations

What are locations?

A location in Bookamat is a space where an activity is held and allows you to run concurrent activities or classes. 

For example, you may have two rooms each running an activity at the same time. Alternatively you might have some sessions in a private room or in another location entirely.

Having different locations allows your clients and staff to see exactly where their activity will be held to prevent confusion. 

How many locations can I add?

There are no limits on the number of locations you can have in Bookamat. 

Studio Owner + MindBody Online

Is Bookamat an alternative to MindBody Online?

Bookamat was built for people who are discontent with, or unable to afford, MindBody Online. We offer premium scheduling software with all the essential features you need to run and grow your studio without the big price tag.

If you are looking for user-friendly, reliable studio software which is affordable, has no lock in contracts and makes running your studio a breeze, we think you've come to the right place.

Migrating from another software? Contact us and we'll be glad to assist. 

Studio Owner + Minimum Payment Commitments

How do minimum payment commitments work?

Setting the minimum number of payments a clients must commit to when buying a recurring class pass or weekly reservation membership, makes the following happen: 

  • - Clients can't cancel their plan until the minimum number of payments have been made.
  • - If a client wants to cancel, they must contact your studio/business which can cancel or freeze the plan.
  • - Clients and the business can view how many payments a client has made / has remaining.
  • - Works on all recurring pricing plans.
  • - Works with all payment types (credit / debit card, cash and EFT etc).

Studio Owner + Notifications

Can Bookamat send birthday notifications to my clients?


If you add the date of birth to a client's profile, they will receive a friendly email on behalf of your business. You can also be sent a reminder of all your clients who celebrate their birthday today from the My Settings > Notifications page. Clients can also add their date of birth on the registration form. 

What notifications will my clients receive from Bookamat?

Clients can choose what notifications they will receive from Bookamat

To view and customise these notifications, simply sign in as a client and go to Settings > Notifications. There you will see a host of settings that can be switched on or off depending on your preference. 

Studio Owner + Online Waivers

Can I upload my own waiver for clients to sign/agree to online?


Bookamat includes integrated online waivers complete with version control and history. That means you can update your waiver terms and know exactly which version each client signed. 

When you create a new waiver, Bookamat will alert your clients to sign the latest version online, if they haven't they won't be able to pay online. It's quick an easy for them, saves you time, and gives you complete peace of mind. 

If a client hasn't registered yet, no worries! Simply send them the digital waiver directly from your Bookamat account.

Studio Owner + Pause / Modify Passes

Can I pause / modify passes?


Credits can be paused and resumed at any time for individual clients or all clients at once. Pausing credits prevents them from expiring and prevents them from being scheduled. When you resume a credit, Bookamat will automatically assign the correct future expiry date based on how long the pass was paused for. 

You can also modify the valid from and valid to dates for client credits as needed.

Studio Owner + Payment Plans

What payment plans does Bookamat support for client bookings?

Bookamat supports a host of flexible booking options and payment plans to suit businesses and their clients. All payment plans can be created for free or paid bookings.

Casual Reservation

- Allows clients to attend and pay for one booking only.

Repeat Reservation

- Provides clients with a regular (recurring & reserved) spot in the same activity (day and time) every week until cancelled. - This plan can be billed to the client each fortnight, or each calendar month based on either a flat rate (regardless of the number of activities), or per booking rate.
- Flat rate 'pro-rata' is also available.
 - Tiered pricing can also be set for clients who attend up to 5 sessions per week.

Credit Packs (Class Passes)

- Provides clients with a flexible booking option which is billed as a once off payment.
- Businesses can create customised packs of credits which, when purchased, offer clients the convenience of being able to schedule bookings as and when they can attend.
- Unlimited packs are also supported allowing clients to book any number of activities (subject to availability) from when the deal was booked up until the end of the valid for duration.

Complimentary (Free) Credits

- Assign clients with batches of complimentary credits to schedule as needed. Great for handling payments outside of Bookamat.

Studio Owner + Payment Processing

How do online payments work?

Bookamat has partnered with Stripe Payments, Square Payments and Peach Payments to enable studios around the world to accept online card payments for student bookings.

Our integrated online payment processing facility means your students can pay for their bookings using a credit or debit card from anywhere and enjoy instant booking confirmation!

Note there are additional fees for using online payment processing, see below. 

Stripe Integration (42 Countries Worldwide)

Businesses in 42 countries can link their Stripe Payments account to Bookamat and receive their client online card payments directly into their bank account in as little as 3 business days.

To link your Stripe Payments account with Bookamat go to My Account > Stripe Integrations. 

The cost for using this service is Stripe Payments + 0.30 (local currency cents) per transaction.

Square Integration (Australia)

Businesses in Australia can link their Square Payments account to Bookamat and receive their client online card payments directly into their bank account in as little as 3 business days.

To link your Square Payments account with Bookamat go to My Account > Square Integrations.

The cost for using this service is Square Fees + A0.30c per transaction.

In addition, businesses in Australia can choose not to link their own Square account and have Bookamat process their online card payments.

Online payments processed by Bookamat will be paid out to businesses, less the Square Fees + A0.30c per transaction fee, by the 10th day of each month.

To enable this service simply enable “Credit / Debit Card (Online)” from the My Business > Billing > Payment Settings page.

Peach Payments Integration (South Africa & Namibia)

Bookamat has partnered with Peach Payments to offer online card processing for businesses in South Africa and Namibia.

Online payments processed by Peach Payments and Bookamat will be paid out to businesses, less a 5% booking fee, by the 10th day of each month.

To enable this service simply enable “Credit / Debit Card (Online)” from the My Business > Billing > Payment Settings page.

Benefits Of Using Online Payments

1. Client bookings are immediately confirmed and automatically updated on the billing page meaning less work for you.

2. You will be immediately notified on every successful client payment.

3. Works in conjunction with prepaid bookings to ensure clients must pay at the time of making new bookings.

4. Allows clients to confirm their booking/s immediately giving them full control over rescheduling bookings if required.

5. Can be used in conjunction with Bookamat discount coupons.

Please note that online payment processing is optional. 

Can I refund clients their online card payments?

Where a client has requested a refund for any booking, or payment thereof,  they should contact your businesses (through which the booking was made) to seek resolution. Bookamat does not provide a facility to refund or reverse client online card payments. 

Can I switch from Square to Stripe or vice-versa?

If you are using Stripe and want to switch to Square payment processing (or vice-versa) you can disconnect your Stripe account from the My Account > Stripe page and then authorise your Square account on the My Account > Square page. 

Please note that your client's bank cards will be linked to your old payment processing account and, as such, when you switch they will need to remove their card and re-add it in order for it to be linked to your new payment processing account. If you need help with this please contact us. 

Studio Owner + Payments

Does Bookamat work with in-store payments?


Bookamat lets you choose what payments you want to accept including in-store payments.

Can I continue to accept cash or EFT payments from clients?


Bookamat allows you to receive and track EFT, cash and other payment transactions which take place between you and your clients. Simply reconcile the outstanding amount due in Bookamat against their payment to activate their bookings. 

Can I use a Direct Debit service with Bookamat?


If you already have clients on a 3rd party direct debit service provider, simply set up your clients on regular recurring memberships in Bookamat and then manually reconcile their direct debit payment payments against their account in Bookamat.

Can I accept PayPal payments for bookings?


If you have a PayPal ID, e.g. then you can use it to accept payments for client bookings. You will only need to manually reconcile the Paypal payment against your client's account in Bookamat. 

What do I do if I believe there has been a payment error?

Where you believe a payment has been processed in error, you must provide written notice to Bookamat within thirty (30) days after the date of payment specifying the nature of the error and the amount in dispute. If notice is not received by Bookamat within such thirty (30) day period the payment will be deemed final.

Studio Owner + Payouts

How do Bookamat payouts work?

Bookamat has partnered with Square Payments and Peach Payments to offer integrated online payment processing to businesses. If enabled in your billing settings, clients will be able to pay using a debit or credit card via their Bookamat account. On successful payment, the bookings will be confirmed and a payment notification sent to the business and the client.

Bookamat processes payouts on the 6th of each month or, if the 6th is a weekend or public holiday, on the first business day after the 6th. A detailed transaction statement for each payout is provided under My Reports. This service is optional and, if enabled, incurs an additional cost which is described on our pricing page. This service is currently only available in Australia, South Africa and Namibia.

When will I receive my payout?

Bookamat aims to process all payouts with respects to online client card payments by the tenth (10th) working day of every month. Business account holders will also receive a Bookamat settlement notice with an itemised breakdown of the payments. 

Payouts will be sent with reference Bookamat Settlement or Bookamat Payout.

Studio Owner + Preventing Late Bookings

Can I prevent late bookings if there are too few participants in a class?


We recognise that having a client book into an empty group class a few hours before it is due to start is not always an efficient way to run a business.

That's why you can tell Bookamat how far in advance to prevent bookings in empty classes to save you from running around. 

Can I set my own late booking cancellation rule?


You can choose how many hours before the start of an activity that your clients should be allowed to reschedule their bookings.

Studio Owner + Recording Attendance

Can I use Bookamat to record client attendance?


Every activity has an attendance form for recording participant attendance and leaving activity notes. You can also generate a report on client attendance to see which activities are performing best. 

Studio Owner + Recurring Bookings

Can I set up recurring passes?


Set any credit to recurring and Bookamat will re-book the same pack whenever it expires or runs out of credits. Bookamat will also send the client a notification about their new pass and that payment is required. 

Studio Owner + Registration

Who can I speak to about registration?

If you would like to speak to us with regards to your registration, please contact us using the instant chat from our website or email [email protected] and we'll be in touch shortly. 

Studio Owner + Reports

What reports does Bookamat include?

Bookamat currently includes the following reports. 

1. Activities Report for tracking the performance of your activities. 

2. Attendance Report for analysing client attendance.

3. Client Report for client list management.

4. Commission Report for calculating staff pay per class commission earnings.

5. Packs Report for tracking clients with valid active packs.

6. Payout Report for tracking online payments processed by Bookamat.

7. Payroll Report for calculating staff payroll and performance.

8. Sales Report for tracking sales transactions.

9. Transactions Report for tracking sales per payment channel.

10. Weekly Report for tracking clients with valid weekly reservations.

PLUS you also get a health metrics dashboard for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) month on month. These include total income, space utilisation, new registrations, popular passes and more!

Studio Owner + Security

Is my data safe with Bookamat?


Keeping your data safe and private is of utmost concern to us. We utilise a range of security, encryption and data backup techniques to ensure that your data is secure.

Studio Owner + SMS Notifications

Does Bookamat support SMS notifications?

We will be adding global SMS notifications soon. 

Studio Owner + Social Media

Does Bookamat work with social media?


Social media sharing has been integrated with Bookamat to make it easier to promote your activities and get more bookings.

Activities can be shared directly to your Twitter or Facebook feed to increase bookings. Plus you can also add your favourite social pages to your business profile and we'll promote them in your client app and on your live schedule page to help increase followers.  

Studio Owner + Staff

How many staff members can I have on Bookamat?

There is no limit to the number of staff/instructors/teachers you can have on Bookamat.

Can my staff each receive their own booking notifications?


Each staff member can be set up to receive booking and payment notifications about the activities they are teaching/hosting. 

Can my instructors have separate logins?


Each staff member (teacher or instructor) can sign in using their own instructor account allowing you to  keep your important account holder data secure. Instructor accounts can view their upcoming activities, add and email participants, record attendance and more. 

Can I upload short teacher bios?


Each staff member can have their own teacher bio (including profile picture) which will be displayed on your live schedule and in the client app. 

Can Bookamat help me calculate my teacher's earnings?


Bookamat helps with calculating staff commission rates. Two options are currently available, a fixed commission amount per activity taught, or a % commission per booking. 

Studio Owner + Streaming Classes

Can I take bookings for streamed classes on Bookamat?


Bookamat allows you to take bookings and payments for classes streamed on platforms like Zoom etc. Simply enter the streaming link into the activity Broadcast Link field to share it with your students.

This works with free and paid streaming services including Zoom, YouTube, Google Meet, Skype Conference Call and many others. Other things you can do with the broadcast feature include:

1. Add notes to let participants know about what equipment to bring or about passwords etc.
2. Set your streaming link to be recurring for the activity series.
3. Send a online class reminder 1 hour before class starts which includes the link and notes.
4. Specify which participants should receive the broadcast link and notes (all, paid only or none).
5. Allow participants to access the recording of the class after the class has ended.
6. Send the broadcast link (including notes) instantly to all participants at any time.

Can I run hybrid (online and in-studio) classes?


Setting up hybrid (simultaneous online and in-person) classes is easy in Bookamat. Your online and in-person classes can also have their own pricing and attendance. Please see our Help Center for more information. 

Studio Owner + Subscriptions

How does the paid subscription work?

1. Register your business to get a complimentary 14 day free trial period. 

2. After 14 days, your free trial will continue so long as you maintain 10 or less active clients booked into classes in any given month.

3. Your paid subscription billing period will commence from when you exceeded 10 active clients for a period of one month, e.g. 5th Jan to 5th Feb.

4. The total monthly subscription amount due will be based on your number of active clients for that month. We provide a cost calculator on our pricing page and on the My Account > My Subscription page.

5. Your subscription can be paid using a credit or debit card from the My Account > My Subscription page. You will have 5 days to pay for your subscription before we will restrict account access.

6. You can download your current and past invoices from the My Account > My Subscription page.

If you are having trouble paying your subscription please contact us. 

How does the unlimited free trial work?

When you register a new Bookamat business account you'll enjoy our unlimited free trial. As long as you sign into your account once a month, and you have 10 or less active clients, then your free trial will continue indefinitely. Plus there are no obligations to continue and you can cancel at any time.

Your paid subscription will only commence once you have added 11 or more active clients into classes. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your Bookamat subscription at any time by contacting us.

Following any cancellation by you, you can continue to use Bookamat until the end of your current subscription. 

Online payments collected by us via our Square or Peach payments processing facilities which are due to you will be paid into your nominated bank account by the tenth (10th) business day of the following month.

What if I don't pay my subscription on time?

By using Bookamat you are indicating your agreement to our Terms & Conditions. If we do not receive your payment when it is due, we reserve the right to disable all or part of your Bookamat services.

Can I pause my subscription?

If you need to pause your subscription please contact us.

Failure to log into your account for more than 30 days may result in your account data being deleted. 

Studio Owner + Support

What support does Bookamat provide?

We take customer support seriously and aim to provide the best support possible. For our subscribers, we provide:

1. Priority email support
2. Live chat support (desktop)
3. A comprehensive help center

Studio Owner + Switching to Bookamat

How do I switch to Bookamat?

We have helped many studio owners successfully move to Bookamat from other booking systems. Small studios can set up in minutes while larger ones can take a few hours depending on the level of preparation. See our Help Center or contact us for assistance with switching systems.

Studio Owner + Video On Demand

Can I create a video library using Bookamat?

While it is possible to provide paid link access to video libraries or pre-recorded content using Bookamat, we do not currently provide tools to create video libraries. 

There are many amazing services for creating video libraries. Here are a few options which you might find useful:

Vimeo On Demand:

Woocommerce for Wordpress:

Wix Video:

Studio Owner + Waiting Lists

Does Bookamat support waiting lists?


Bookamat supports unlimited use of automated waiting lists. Using the business account you can reschedule client bookings into waiting lists, plus you can accept/reject waiting list spots. Clients can also join waiting lists and will be automatically notified, and can accept, if a space becomes available.  See our Help Center for more information.

Studio Owner + Website Integration

Can Bookamat integrate with my website?


Bookamat is simple to integrate with any website (Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace, GoDaddy etc) and includes a host of customisations so you can get it looking just right! 

Can I modify the scheduling widget?


You can modify the look and certain elements of your live schedule. For more information see our Help Center.

Can I link from my website to specific passes?


You can link specific credit packs, e.g. Intro Offers, to buttons on your website. 

Can I add a custom notice to my live schedule?


A customised notice can be set up to display on your live schedule and in your client app. Notices are a great way to let your clients know about new class times, new protocols or upcoming events etc.

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