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Client / Student + Waiting Lists


How do waiting lists work?


Paid bookings can be rescheduled into any activity waiting list when available. If you have joined a waiting list, Bookamat will notify you via email before the scheduled start time of the activity should a vacancy become available. The email will give you two options, either to 'Check Vacancy' or 'Reject' the offer. 

Select "Check Vacancy" if you wish to accept this activity. You will be taken immediately to the Bookamat website where we will confirm if the space is still available and if so, your booking will be confirmed.

Click 'Reject' or ignore the email if you wish for your booking to be credited back to you.  

If you do not get offered a vacancy for the activity, your booking will be automatically credited back to you at the end of the day.  

Alternatively you can also manually accept a waiting list vacancy by using your client account and selecting the wait listed activity and choosing ‘Accept Wait List’ once a vacancy is available. 

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