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Bookamat Pilates, Yoga and Fitness studio software for invoicing and billing.

Client Billing & Invoicing

Fully integrated billing, sales tracking and invoicing for easy collection and recording of payments.

  • 1

    Track Payments

    Track payments

    View outstanding and received payments.

    Drill down to individual client accounts.

    See past and future amounts owed.

  • 2

    Send Invoices

    Send invoices

    View and send invoices for individuals.

    Bulk send to all clients with amounts due.

    Helps to retrieve late payments.

  • 3

    Record Payments

    Record payments

    Record manual (e.g. cash) payments.

    Bulk save manual payments received.

    View all received payments by transaction.

Register For Free

Register For Free

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Assign a new pass

When your clients add a pass to their basket, or if you assign a pass on their behalf, it will create a new outstanding amount against their account.

Step 2. Go to the billing page

Head to the My Business > Billing page to review all clients with outstanding payments. Payments are organised by month to help you track whose payment is overdue and see who has an upcoming recurring payment.

Step 3. Record the payment

Go to the outstanding payment, select the payment type received (e.g. cash) and then save. Saving the payment will move it to the received tab and release the pass for the client to use.

If you want clients to access their passes before taking their payment you can also manually activate their passes. Plus for total convenience, clients who pay using our online payment processing will enjoy immediate access to their passes on payment confirmation.

Using Bookamat for bookings and invoicing has been a life saver!

Clarissa S, Coco Pilates

Do more with Bookamat!

Can I upload my logo to invoices?

Absolutely! You can upload your logo and bank account details to your invoices so clients know exactly where to deposit EFT payments.

How do EFT (bank transfer) payments work?

Simple! When clients make a new booking they will see an option to pay directly into your nominated bank account. They are also instructed to email you a proof of payment before their bookings will be released.

How will my clients know their bookings have been released?

Easy! When you record an outstanding payment as received (e.g. by EFT) we'll send your client an email letting them know that they can access their credits!

Can I remove outstanding amounts?

Absolutely! When you need to remove an outstanding amount select the Options > Write off button. This will remove the amount and any associated credits.

Can I record partial payments?

Absolutely! If a client has two separate passes you can record a payment against one or the other.

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